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Getting started with windows command line basics (cmd) for hackers

blocks-image-123 (Demo)
Windows commands
It relays all Ip addresses that our system is currently using
Type CLS, to clear the screen.
Ping command will send a series of test packets to the specified address. If they arrive and are returned, then we get to know that the device is capable ofcommunicating with the PC; But, if it fails then there will be something, which blocks thecommunication between the device and computer. It can also help to decide if the root of the issue is an improper configuration or a failure of network hardware.
Just the advanced feature of ping, which is useful when there are multiple routers between asystem and the device of testing. It also gives information about the route that test packet takes..
It traces the IP addresses and domain names. It also ​tracks how much time (inmilliseconds) each hop between servers or devices takes.
This command is used for managing and tracking how the computer uses energy or power.Use command——>> ​powercfg /a
Powercfg /lastwake ​will show what device last woke your PC from a sleep state.In Window8, use command ​powercfg /batteryreport​, which provides a detailedanalysis of the battery.
This command will shut down our system.
For restart the system, use command ​shutdown /r /o
It relays all the information about operating systems and hardwares.
Make file
For making a file or folder, use command [ dir—>>cd Desktop —>>mkdir(name) ]
View on location, where the folder has been created i.e Hacker folder on Desktop in this case.
Author : Gurpreet Kaur
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