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CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) is a certification that verifies that a test-taker has acquired a certain level of excellence in the training field. It proves that an individual holding this certification is excellent in the preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation, and evaluation in the classroom environment. CompTIA’s CTT+ exam has two parts one is computer-based and the other is video-based.

Anyone who wishes to become a certified technical trainer should obtain the CTT+ certification.

It is a cross-industry, multi-vendor certification that is generally undertaken by training professionals who wish to impart technical education and instructions to students. Since the field of IT is constantly evolving, the course has also been evolved to match the current needs of the market. 

Earning the CTT+ certification designates you as an exceptional trainer in your field. As an instructor, you not only have to plan engaging classroom lectures, practice tasks and exams, but you must also be a knowledgeable and effective communicator.

CTT+ certification provides comprehensive training standards to validate your skills in a traditional or virtual classroom environment, and ensures that you can teach effectively and step up to the front of the class with confidence. 

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CompTIA CTT+ certification 

This course is ideal for any professional trainers/teachers who wish to demonstrate that they have acquired a standard of excellence in the field of technical training. As per the contemporary learning environment prevailing all across the world, this course helps the test-takers understand and utilize all the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary for teaching students about technical subjects. If you manage to get the CTT+ certification, it would mean that you have proved yourself to be an outstanding technical trainer in your respective IT specialty.

As a technical trainer, your job is not only limited to design connects with classroom addresses and conducting exams, but it requires you to be an effective and persuasive communicator. This course equips you with all the knowledge and technical expertise you need to become a successful technical trainer. Having a CompTIA CTT+ certification means that you have the ability to teach in virtual as well as traditional classrooms. CTT+ also proves you can manage a classroom in a better way and can stand in front of the class with confidence, since this course will also help you polish your technical skills, build your confidence and improve your communication skills.

Skills Measured by CompTIA CTT+ Certification

Key knowledge areas and skill sets measured by the CompTIA CTT+ certification exam include the following. CompTIA Certified Technical Trainers can:

  • Review organizational needs and student backgrounds to plan course curriculum and objectives.
  • Select and implement the appropriate teaching methods for classroom and virtual courses.
  • Utilize activities that allow learners to contribute to the discussion at appropriate intervals.
  • Use instructional media such as graphic displays and handouts to enrich and engage students.
  • present and conduct themselves in a way that is acceptable to corporate clients and learners.
  • Understand and employ effective verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Utilize group dynamics and group facilitation to establish a learner-centered environment.
  • Establish an environment free of bias and criticism, promoting participation of all learners.
  • Monitor learner progress during training and assess performance at the close of instruction.
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