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Cyber expert awarded by million dollar company for reporting bug

Jalandhar – Manvir Singh Walia

Prime Punjab

A Jalandhar based cyber security expert Palvinder Singh has been awarded by million dollar company Ola Cab for reporting a critical bug in their website.The bug was so serious that someone can access any account of their website with bad intention, after which hacker can make online order of food-items and get important information of others account.

According to Palvinder, this testing took multiple sleepless nights and dedication for finding the bug. Under this bug, hacker can access complete online account of FoodPanda by using only email id of any other person.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, Secuneus Technologies, Palvinder Singh, has reported the critical vulnerability in Ola Cab’s products “FoodPanda”.

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This bug was responsibly reported by Palvinder Singh, under the program of “Bug Bounty” held by Ola Cab. In acceptance of this reporting, Ola Cab has issued cash prize of Rs. 80000 and hall of fame on their website ( ).

This is probably for the first time that any north Indian cyber security expert has been awarded for reporting such a critical vulnerability in any major company.

Working with various national and international companies to secure their digital platforms, Palvinder has also been giving training to a number of students and corporate professionals on “Cyber Security” for last eight years.

On this occasion, Palvinder accompanied by his father Mr. Kulwant Matharu said ‘The world in general and India in particular is rapidly becoming digital, cyber security should be the main area to focus to check any misuse.’

Source Link : Prime Punjab

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