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2. penetration testing
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This is a Penetration Testing & Information security Training Program. The training
provides you an intensive session which will empower you with knowledge in a
simplified and easily graspable manner. In the training, we teach our students how
hackers break into systems, networks, mobiles and websites so as to make them aware of the possible loopholes and therefore, making them proficient in reverse-penetration. By doing so, they are able to create a virtual wall between their data and the hackers. This training will enable you to carry out attacking as well as defensive methodologies which will help you and your organization to not only protect but also assess the safety and vulnerability ration

Our achievements
Anastasia Ellis.
Anastasia Ellis
United Kingdom

“It’s really helped us grow. We can keep all of the customer’s information in secure way, so if I need to look up something in the future or call them for a follow up, We have all of that there, so it’s really helped us to Secure the whole business.

Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh

It’s really a very good cyber security company providing excellent Services.
All the best, you all are doing a great job… Thanks Team Secuneus 🙂

Shivam Gupta
Shivam Gupta

Best training in my life… I lose my interest in IT during btech ..but the classes give me so much practical approach that now i can see every code or every command as practical approach not as theory.. Very supportive and professional Friend.. Yess !! Don’t teach as teacher,but as a friend !!

Manish Kumar

Much respect for Palvinder Singh sir. We are got very important information about cyber security in today session and we enjoyed today session and experienced lots of knowledge and lots of fun. So once again thanku sir for giving us your precious time for us

Akib Mansoori

Thx for the webinar .
Palvinder sir is humble.


Respect for plavinder singh sir.First of all thank you soo much for giving the more information about cyber security,totally we have enjoyed the session conducted today and we have gain some knowledge .soo once again thank you so much sir😊😊.

Arghya Bagchi

The course was an absolute eye opener. It was specially adjusted to suit the needs of working professionals. All queries were appropriately dealt with and on job application referred to. I would encourage all professionals to undergo this course as cyber security affects our lives more than we think it does.

Ashish Kumar

The mentors are very well expert and they know how to convey lessons properly – Harnam sir and Palvinder Sir

Jasmine Modi
Jasmine Modi

It was our company’s first attempt to step into Digital Security with Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing – VAPT Methodoly. It seemed like we get into the right hands. It was more cost-effective, intuitive and valuable outcomes, than the others we looked at. It was the right fit. Thanks Secuneus


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    01. Web application vapt
    07. Email Security
    10. WPA, WPA/2
    13. OWASP TOP 10
    02. sql map
    05. Metasploit – Framework
    08. WLAN VAPT
    11. Desktop VAPT
    14. Linux Login Bypass
    03. Acunctix | Burp – suite
    09. Security Standards
    12. Group Policy

    Cybersecurity experts must learn to develop a 360-degree view of the cybersecurity domain that now comprises a wide array of security components and technologies. Simplilearn has bundled all of these critical skillsets into this Cyber Security Expert Master’s certification program. The benefits are as follows:

    • Cybersecurity is vital for career roles such as penetration tester, cybersecurity analyst, network analyst, cybersecurity auditor, cybersecurity architect, forensics investigator, and many more.
    • There are 2000+ cybersecurity jobs in India and 40,000+ in the US ( Cybersecurity job roles are expected to rise to six million worldwide by 2019 (source: Forbes, January 2016)
    • The median salary for a cybersecurity analyst is INR 418,389 annually in India (source: Glassdoor) and $134,000 in the US.

    At the end of this Master’s Program, you will be equipped with the following skillsets:

    • Install, configure and deploy public key infrastructure and network components while assessing and troubleshooting issues to support organizational security
    • Master advanced hacking concepts to manage information security efficiently
    • Design security architecture and framework for a secure IT operation
    • Frame cloud data storage architectures and security strategies, and utilize them to analyze risks
    • Protect data movement, perform disaster recovery, access CSP security  and manage client databases
    Course Details
    Duration of course:
    20 Hours
    For Graduates & Working Professionals
    Delivery Method:
    We Provide Online/Offline Classes
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